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Re: KTV in KL

Originally Posted by sexcuore View Post
in taman ast
qingren in mandarin or lovely
at terminal 1 is EV box
attown the defunct punca mas is deluxe or huang du in mandarin

got tons of other small joints.

one just behind the famous siewbao place.

seremban 2 has a few near the amway office

one? or two in? oakland? industrial? park
but compared to lovely i prefer new champion when it comes to taman ast. maybe im being biased since i've been a regular there for a long time. but its true that you get special attention if you're a regular. not so sure about KL side. century ktv in uptown is another place i have recently come to like. like i said a room for about 10 people with half a crate is rm230-240. and theres a lot of side action going on, a baggie is around rm120, i dont do stuff like that but its always nice to see the girls getting high as kites before you start fondling them. best to get a place for the night like an aibnb or something as they dont provide place for bonking.
anyway, anyone interested in a lepak session in seremban just hit me up. maybe can make a group or something.
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